28 Nov


I’m thrilled to announce the start of my Styling & Personal Shopping Business! With many years under my belt in retail fashion, wholesale, buying and styling, I wanted to take all of these skills and offer them to you! Whether you have an event to attend and don’t know what to wear, want to revamp and existing wardrobe or need help figuring out what fits your body, I’m here to offer my experience! Let me help you discover your style!

Email or Phone to book a consultation today!

-Mandi Belle


It’s Always ‘Sweater’ When Were Together..

26 Sep

It’s always sweater when were together, thats how the song goes.. Right Jack? Or somthin’ like that.

Main point is, its sweater weather and I finally dug up my huge bins full of cozy knits for the Fall season! Its like I have a whole new wardrobe I forgot I even owned.. Talk about a clothing addiction!

I also had a quick driveby shopping trip at Winners with my mom and found this normally retailing for 100 bucks awesome knit cardi, it had no price tag on it so the girl gave it to me for 15 bucks! Whaaaaaat? Hell ya. She is my new hero! Can’t wait to snuggle up with a cup of cocoa in this bad boy!


Not only did I snag that awesome buy, I also stopped into Forever21 and found a classy black and white long sleeve dress.. It only seemed appropriate!


Now all I need is an event to wear it to… But that’s the easy part ūüėČ

Love and Hugs



Fall is back with a vengeance.. Amen!

20 Sep

Can’t even express my delight that Fall is here and in full force! First day of my leather jacket but certainly not the last!

Cheers to Fall fashion! (and to driving unsafely but very comfortably with my leg up!)



Love & Hugs,


Holts last call, my savior!

6 Feb

Gotta love Holt Renfrew last call! The deals are beyond what I could ever have fathomed! Not only was the majority of their top labels already reduced immensly, slap another 70% off of that and your living a champagne life on a beer budget! Here are a few of the amazing finds I purchased on my last binge buying spree! All of which resulted in a total of less than 200 buckaroos! (note: one LINE sweater from my purchase normally retails for 300 bones!!!) SCORE!!!!!!! Obviously I could not stop there so a bargain hunt at Forever 21 was a must! Also under 100 dollars for everything and 12.50 for a pair of jeans.. Say what!?

Love and Hugs


2011 In review baby!

1 Jan

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,700 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Warning, may cause incessant drooling..

17 Nov

Oh hi!

Just had a baby and it’s a girl! Her name is Tory Burch! Isn’t she just adorable, classy, elegant & stunning… She got it from her mommy ;)!

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my money tree slowly wilting. Pay no mind to that!




Once A Bag Lady.. Always A Bag Lady

15 Nov

Heres a new super cute inexpensive bag I picked up today from Forever 21. Cheap and cheerful, this beauty only set me back 30 bones. Love it!





19 Oct

8:49 am on a Wednesday morning, and here I am already with thoughts bursting out of my head and onto the computer screen.


Last night was the MICHI ny SS12 afterparty on the rooftop of the¬† Thompson Hotel. Dashing as can be; my friends Elle, Ashley, Erika and I arrived fashionably early and were greeted by the not so lovely, patronizing and rude front desk staff. YES, I am saying this on here ever so bluntly, I hope you see this lady…and I most certainly hope you got laid last night in order to bring you back from bitchville (however, I pity the fool).


The rooftop patio which I have NEVER been on before, let alone never been to the Thompson, was BREATHTAKING. The view of the infinity pool just flowing over the edge of the city all lit up with what looked like tiny little Christmas lights  was just so beautiful! Snagged a picture of that obviously..

The Bar area was dim lighted and sophisticated and all tables were adorned with little ROCK CANDY’s that had the MICHI logo card attached. For the record, I LOVE ROCK CANDY! Me,circa 1999 at Canada’s Wonderland just begging my pops for those things…amazing. Like I said we arrived QUITE early to avoid lineups and crowding, but after one very massive and very necessary glass of pinot the girls and I decided it was time to indulge in some eats and come back to this little gathering later.

Well, the whole coming back later didn’t exactly pan out that way..and I am not the LEAST bit upset about it.

Inside the Thompson is a cozy little retro inspired diner called “The Counter”. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend that you go, BUT, on a very EMPTY belly.

Truffle Mac & Cheese, MASSIVE crispy onion rings, a FOOT LONG hot dog and several SPIKED MILKSHAKES later.. it was safe to say that wed have to put fashion and schmoozing on the back-burner for the night and trade it in for belly rubs,  tummy aches, euphoric happy yet very full smiles and the bed we all craved so much.

I’m sure the party got hoppin’ by the time we were all belly-achin’ but we just were no longer the goddesses we were a few hours prior to this decision.


here are some pics from the night!

UNTIL NEXT TIME..¬† Confucius says: “Girls who choose greasy diner food over Fashion Week after-party, still have good night.”



This slideshow requires JavaScript.¬†¬† <— just in case you are salivating over the food’s where it’s from!

Another Day, Another Dollar.. Ka-CHING!

17 Oct

If only money actually grew on tree’s, and closets were bottomless pits… What a world it would be!

It’s yet another gloomy fall Monday, and there’s not even a spec of sunshine through my window to lift my spirits. I’m grouchy, my back hurts, I’m hungry, I’m sleepy, I’m … okay fine, that about covers all of my whining for today.


This week was filled with LOTSA SHOPPING, as per usual. I’m honestly considering turning this habit into a real full on SPORT. Women get decked out in body armor, knee pads, gloves and helmets (designer, of course!), and fight to the death for their favorite pieces of clothing. EVERY WOMAN FOR HERSELF. Entertaining no? I’m sure many would find it amusing.

I made some stops to my fav’s this week, otherwise known as Holt Renfrew & Forever 21. Never a bad combo, always a successful shopping trip! Holt Renfrew Last Call however, takes the cake. The whole 50% off the lowest red tag price really is a steal of a deal and I cannot say no to spending less for the brands I LOVE. Below are some of the amazing snags I got from Holts & Forever, Definitely cannot wait to wear em!

Aside from all the shopping that consumes my everyday life, I’m pretty amped up for tomorrow night! By day I will be working my lovely fashion internship and by night I will be immersed in the fashion world completely, alongside my friends Elle and Ashley. I will be attending the MICHI SS12 afterparty at the Thompson! Sure to be a great time and surrounded by great, very fashionable people! Check out MICHI FALL 2011 here: I just LOVE all of the pictures from the look-book and where it was set..FIERCE. Not to mention the collection itself is fab. MICHI prides itself on being an “Edgy, fashion-forward, utilitarian active lifestyle brand”…they certainly pull it off without a hitch. Both Provocative and sophisticated, you can never look to avant-garde, even when working out!

Pictures to come from that in the next blog post!

until then.. a riva derchi beautiful people!




Almost forgot this beauty… How dare I!

Knick knacks & New Threads

8 Oct

Good Afternoon lovely people!

After my last post it is easy to deduce that I ran out of my house, into my car
And B lined straight back to TopShop at Yorkdale! This time I left with the goodies I ever so frugally told myself I did not “need” last time around. Who was I kidding, really?… They knew I’d come back.. I always do! Never leave a soldier or shirt behind in this instance.. that’s my motto!

Without further a due…








Drool. That describes my sentiments exactly!

After I talked myself down from the horrific spending spree I felt good and decided that maybe a little looksie around M store wouldn’t kill me.. I had already fufilled my shop hungry belly… But no, dangerous it proved to be! I found a very classic and “necessary” tweed heather grey blazer… Must have!


Woops. Since I clearly was already on a path of destruction I felt it was only necessary to end this day with a peak in Holt Renfrew. Surprise….. I found more jewelery I can barley justify needing, but Want seems to always be enough motive!




Im really really done.. For now. Maybe.